fokus music is a small catalog of hand-picked playlists to help you focus. No skipping tracks, or annoying commercials. Each mix is a minimum of 60 minutes and all the music should be without interruption.

Notifications and clickbait kill concentration, deep thought is rare. 

Deep focus is where the magic happens. It gives us the opportunity to align our interest and intent with action. Aligning and organizing our thoughts with action generates momentum and that is a powerful thing. Momentum is the change agent, it's how we crush goals, build businesses and execute our ideas of the way things should be. 

Deep focus is the calm before the storm.

The collection is hand picked by me to boost productivity, relax and help you get shit done. Work, study, code, read, write, zone-in and drown out background noise. There are playlists on here to help you focus on you. If you have any suggestions, feedback or a category you would like to see please send me a message here

~ Trent J