2 Hour Lyric Free – Melody House

Ever have one of those days? I fell in love with this piano deep house mix by Shingo Nakamura. This 2 hour mix is the perfect lyric free mix to focus and get your work done especially if you like progressive house music. This mix literally saved my work day and in some ways my sanity. I was having ‘one of those days’ with multiple projects on multiple screens, too much shit to do and feeling a little overwhelmed, my mind totally scattered. I needed to develop a plan, I needed to get organized…I needed to $%*&#ing focus. The last thing I needed was to be changing apps and track lists every 15 minutes on “chill mixes”… enter Shingo Nakamura. From headphones on and hitting play I was focused. Knowing this was a 2 hour mix I it allowed me to visualize what work I needed to get done. I added this to the collection because I will definitely be using it again. I hope this mix does for you today what it did for me!